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Lastify: More hacking

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Lastify screenshot

Given the popularity of this post over the last couple of years, I've finally bitten the bullet and given Lastify it's own website:

Mere days after I built my Spotify Scrobbler, the wonderful people who make Spotify added native scrobbling support.  As you'd expect, it was a lot more stable and easier to use than my SIMBL hack, and it's made me even more of a Spotify fan. The only problem with the integration now is the lack of “Love” and “Ban” buttons. Which got me thinking, why not write another SIMBL plugin? After all, it wouldn't be that different from what I'd already done.

If you want to try Lastify you'll need to install SIMBL first and everything else you need is hosted over on GitHub.

It's a quick-and-dirty hack, and so all the usual caveats apply.


Asbjørn Ulsberg commented on :

I love the work you put into this, and used your last SIMBL plugin, but this one I can't get to work. SIMBL complains that "Spotify 0.3.10 (v40776) has not been tested with the plugin Lastify (null) (v1.0). As a precaution, it has not been loaded".

Is there a workaround or something I can do? I'd love to be able to love tracks on while listening to Spotify!

George Brocklehurst responded on :

Hi Asbjørn. I updated the plugin yesterday to work with the latest version of Spotify, you can get the new version from GitHub.

Afront commented on :

This looks great, am I right in assuming it's Mac-only? Unfortunately I only have a PC so can't check Lastify out myself, but I've added a wee post about it on my blog anyway. Keep up the good work!

Leon commented on :

Hey, I love this. Just what i've been looking for. Anyway you could integrate this with Twitter so there is a tweet button which would tweet the track name of the currently playing track

Marina commented on :

Heyyy!! I've been trying to isntall it, first I installed the SMBL and it all went well but then it was like.. the folder disapperared , so i restarted and re-installed.. then put the .bundle file but it only keeps appering this :

anything can do?? Anyways thx a bunch!

Eduardo commented on :

Thakns for this. But it won't load. I get this error:

Spotify 0.3.18 (v50512) has not been tested with the plugin Lastify (null) (v1.0). As a precaution, it has not been loaded. Please contact the plugin developer (not the SIMBL author) for further information.

Is there ay chance it can get fixed?

PMC commented on :

Could you update this plugin for Spotify 0.3.18 (build 50512). Thanks!

lolive commented on :

Does it work with Spotify 0.3.18 yet?

George Brocklehurst responded on :

Sorry for the delay for everyone who's been waiting for Lastify to work with Spotify 0.3.18. It's been updated, the new version is on GitHub.

JakobD commented on :

Could you update it to work with 0.3.19? Thanks.

Gmork commented on :

Any chance to update it to work with version 0.3.21 or a quick tutorial how to update it ourselves? Thanks in advance

sytsew commented on :

@George... Was SO happy to find your little hack-to-love.. But, sorry, I've been trying to get the latest update (for Spotify 0.3.22 rev 58421) to work for the past days, still get at best the same notice as mentioned above ('... as a precaution it has not been loaded').
I presume you must get tired of updating.. Anything we can do about it?

kl commented on :

I've compiled version from github, added to SIMBL plugins folder, but I'm not seeing the drawer.

I *can* see "LASTIFY: track started..." messages in, but there's absolutely nothing in UI, and nothing in my app settings.


George Brocklehurst responded on :

@kl: i've not come across this issue before. Have you tried the pre-compiled version in the GitHub project?

dominijk commented on :

please help, im on mac os x 10.4 and never done anything like this have installed simbl, where and what to i add to enable this downloaded your folder ( and extracted to the appsupport/simbl/plugin folder and nothing is happening

Iver commented on :

Hi, Have W7, and dont really know how to install this kind of programs, any easier guide for me?

George Brocklehurst responded on :

@dominijk: I've added some downloads to the GitHub project that only include the required files will hopefully make it a bit easier. They don't contain all the code, just the one file you need. Get the latest one from here:

@Iver: Unfortunately Lastify only works on Macs, there isn't a version of Windows. Sorry.

Iver commented on :

Ah, Ok. You should try to make a windows version too, it had been awesome :)

Thanks afterall :)

Lourdes commented on :

When will be available for the people who don't have Mac?

George Brocklehurst responded on :

@Lourdes: The way Lastify works is very specific to the way Mac software is built, so it would be tricky to make a Windows version. Personally I don't do much Windows development, but any Windows developers are very welcome to try and if my code would help it's all freely available on GitHub.

Toby commented on :

Hi, since the upgrade to Spotify 0.3.23 I get a SIMBL error message saying Lastify hasn't been checked and won't be opened. Is there an update or a workaround for this?

George Brocklehurst responded on :

@Toby: You just need to grab the latest version from here:

Ivan commented on :

Hi, I've installed SIMBL an grab last lastify.bundle, and put it in the LIbrary/Applicatiosn Support/SIMBL/plugins folder, but nothing happens, I can't see any buttons. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

dominijk commented on :

hi george many thanks for splitting up the bundles, is there any idiot proof guide to installing this. i still get nothing, i unpack SIMBL to its directory of choice (library/app support) within this there is a folder called plugins into which i drop the lastify.bundle file and authenticate. is something then meant to happen, when i start spotify nothing has changed and the tabs do not appear. Im probably missing something very obvious but i dont know what it is

Joete commented on :

Same here. I installed SIMBL and the plugin bundle. But nothing happens...

Emelie commented on :


Great idea! But I don't know how to get it started? I drag the lastify bundle to the SIMBL plugins directory, but nothing happens. I'm new to this, so maybe I'm doing it wrong.


Mark commented on :

Similar problem for me. Used to get message that it couldn't be loaded with older version. No message now that updated to latest version but nothing happens at all. Please help!

This is the console message I get:
13/03/2010 10:50:20 SIMBL Agent[755] warning: failed to get scripting definition from /Applications/; it may not be scriptable.

George Brocklehurst responded on :

Lastify is not working with the latest version of Spotify. Something's changed within Spotify which is preventing Lastify from loading, but I've not had time to properly dig into it yet. I'll keep you updated.

dominijk commented on :

cheers, george. that would be awesome, would it be easier to parse the spotify feed through scrobbler? and then just use their functions. not tech literature so advance apologies if that idea is plain stupid.

spotify ripper commented on :

I need a windows version

Pål Joakim commented on :


It would be awesome if you could upgrade your plugin to support the latest Spotify version. My error message:

Spotify (v40300427) has not been tested with the plugin Lastify (null) (v1.0). As a precaution, it has not been loaded. Please contact the plugin developer for further information.

George Brocklehurst responded on :

I'd like to update this, it's hard to find time, but I might get to it one of these days.

Atholm commented on :

I hope you soon find the time to update this.
Really really enjoyed this plugin and hope to see it work in the future.
Keep up the good work!

Mac Bundle commented on :

Yeah, looking forward for a new version of your plugin! :) Maybe somebody can sell you some free time? :)

George Brocklehurst responded on :

It's taken a while for me to find the time, but Lastify is back up and running.

New version here: